Philomene Longpre

VITA (2005) Philomène Longpré. GL2 Gallery, Chicago, 2006


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Short Description

VITA is a system where the virtual character is represented both by a blue light and a blue human form,
which functions as an energy field rather than an actual identifiable individual. When Vita recognizes
a visitor’s presence, its mechanical environment changes. The shift manifests as altering imagery and an outpouring of sounds
in the designated space. The installation, which was presented at the GL2 Gallery in Chicago (2006),
collapses the separation of body and mind. This metamorphosis occurs when infrared sensors locate the participants and
temperature sensors in the tubing detect touch.


VITA — Interactive Robotic Installation
(Immersive environment, mechatronics, robotic sculpture, interactive narrative, sensing and control system,
large scale projection, tangible interfaces, responsive video membrane, virtual character, and digital sound)


Video projector, mini mac, Max-Msp/Jitter,
arduino processor, infrared sensors, dc motor, microcontroller,
speakers, wooden box, robotic structure (screen).


Robotic structure (screen): 66 (w) x 96 (h) x 12 (l) feet, 40lbs.
Dark Space mininum: 15 (L) x 10 (w) x 11 (h) feet


  • SAIC, School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Chicago, USA. May, 2005


  • Philomène Longpré. Master Thesis. SAIC, School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Chicago, USA. May, 2005